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SMPLFY (The Mixtape)

by Hank Murphy

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released July 15, 2015



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Hank Murphy Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: SMPLFY
There’s a fire down deep in my bones
And I’m weary ‘cause I keep it inside

Too many battles in the war for my soul
Busy days and crazy nights

I’ve been given too much to live for
Don’t wanna waste my days
In a foolish race

Gimme that simple life
(Simplify my life)
Gimme that simple life
Make my greatest pursuit to love you
With all of my heart, my strength, and my mind
Lord I need you to simplify
Simplify my life

There’s a problem with the system I see
No room to love what matters the most

I think I’ve forgotten what it means to be free
Ambition on overdose

I gotta make it less complicated
Can’t even hear you speak
I need a remedy


What if I’m dreaming all the wrong dreams?
What if I’m scheming all the wrong schemes?
There’s only one God and there’s only one King
I could live for one truth or run around deceived

I hear ‘em talking ‘bout that YOLO and they thinking that they free
But it ain’t working cause that pleasure too cheap
Spending love on all the wrong things
But that temporary thrill don’t come with a receipt

Let’s break it down
I need you now
Simplify my life before I run it in the ground
And anything in the way of your ways you can take and Mayweather, go on ‘head and knock it down

It ain’t easy but it finally makes sense
The simple life is worth it, I’m convinced
It ain’t about me so I don’t need the letter “I”
Spell it S-M-P L-F-Y
We singing