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Messiah (feat. Kaimy Masse)

by Hank Murphy

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What a love
What a sight
In the starry night
The promise to deliver and restore
You're the one I've waited for
In the dark
Of my life
You have come to shine
I join in with the angels to adore
You're the one I've waited for

1st Verse:
Power lines and pretty signs but times ain't really changed
I got problems, I can't solve em
I feel lonely just the same
Two thousand years of progress but my soul is sad and homeless
I've been trying on my own, it's always work but no promotion

Worried bout my money
I can't live without that
But that paper like a vapor come and gone, matter fact
I don't know nothing bout tomorrow but I know today is whack
And I'm living with regrets looking back

Looking back it's like a mirror, my reflection in the scriptures,
it's the story of a people far from God and I'm no different
How I'm living?
I ain't trippin
I'm a broken man I need fixin
And I heard about the King coming down
I never met him but it's like I miss him

Cause I'm listening when I hear you say you love me like a dad
I never had that, but I'm dying just to hear those words last
And I heard you came to die for sin, and yet it made you glad
You promised to redeem my past


2nd verse:
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light

But a king without a throne
But he had no home
He ain't slinging no stones
But he promised to atone
A promise made long ago
That the Christ would arrive
And at just the right time
You can check Romans 5

Crazy a baby that would one day be saving the world
Laid in a manger by a teenage girl

What a mystery, to change history, he left majesty, the audacity
An anomaly for the trinity to send one of three for the sake of me
This is the son of God, not some impostor, y'all
Watch him and wonder as he does the impossible

Sight to the blind so they can see that he's beautiful
Raising the dead like he canceled the funeral
I can't ignore him, I'm joining the chorus of angels adoring that Jesus is born and he's Lord of all


Bridge (break down):
Hope walking where the hopeless dwell
God with us, Emanuel

This is a ballad for the famished
Valid for every family
Reality for your panic
He tallies unbeaten standings
Galaxies in a tandem
They bow to him understanding
His power is everlasting
He lavishes love outstanding

A gift that we don't deserve
I give him my life, a slight token of his worth
Stepping down from heaven as a man to save the earth
Just call it good news, hallelujah for his birth


released November 28, 2014
Hank Murphy:
2014 Surrender Songs Publishing



all rights reserved


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Hank Murphy Durham, North Carolina

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